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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 530PM  CBS  September 25, 2010 4:30pm-5:00pm PST

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they need to be treated as loaded weapons because they really are. >> got old prescription drugs you don't know what to do with? weeks after the san bruno disaster, sign it is community is starting to come back stronger than ever. >> we found one hair brush, a chapstick,. >> trash winds up polluting our coastlines. the big clean up across the bay area. good evening. well, they are easy to find and extremely addictive chances are there are some in your medicine
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cabinet right now. we are talking about prescription drugs and the fastest growing drug problem in the united states especially among young people. dea took the the unusual step to fight back, no questions asked. >> he went to sleep and just never woke up. >> april is just one of many whoof lost a child to prescription -- who've lost a child to prescription drugs. >> they need to be treated as loaded weapons because they are. >> dea agrees. they are sponsoring this one day prescription drug take back program at police prescripts across the country a relief for many, like candace in oakland who has been trying for some time to safely dispose of this bag full of drugs. >> how do you get rid of them? household hazardous waste told me to grind them up and mix them with kitty litter and put them in the trash. >> it may not be a great option but grinding up unused drugs is one of the best options for
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keeping them out of the hands of teens. complicated? yes precisely the reason why john martin said they are sponsoring today 's events. >> we are trying to get them out of the medicine cabinets so they don't get on to the street. >> studies show most people who abuse prescription drugs like these get them out of the medicine cabinets of family and friends but you better thing twice before flushing them or throwing them away. according to dea, saturday's take back drug program was an overwhelming success as evidenced by these full bins in oakland by midday. a positive sign for mothers like april who know all too well the tragic results when these drugs get into the wrong hands. >> i want no one else ideally to have to suffer as we have from this. >> in oakland, julie watts, cbs 5. california's first execution in nearly five years is going ahead as scheduled for now a federal judge refused to
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reconsider his decision not to issue a stay of excuse for albert brown. he is on death row at san quentin, set to be put to death by lethal injection wednesday. on monday, brown's lawyers plan to ask a marin county court to block the execution in connection with a separate lawsuit. >> san bruno residents are rallying around their neighbors, holding a fund raiser for victims of the explosion and fire. determination and high spirits were the order of the day. hi don. >> hi ann. this is the city park area in san bruno, where people have come for the down side, dealing with bureaucracy and loss and recovery. today they are here for the upside. this must be the most up beat event in san bruno in the past two weeks or so, since the devastating gas line explosion and fire. not only a benefit for
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community, a kind of well, big hug therapy. >> after such a tragedy, and let everybody see each other's faces again and make it known we are going to come back from this and we are going to be better and stronger than ever. >> reporter: holly's family home was destroyed, so was the home of joe vazquez's parents. >> you lookout this way there are so many people it is a beautiful thing. everybody -- got everybody back, got t-shirts and it is really warm, it's great. fantastic. >> reporter: friday, crews began cleaning up the remains of the once neat neighbourhood sorting out what was recyclable and what was not and trying to trade carefully on memories. >> this is not just a demolition job, removal of individuals homes, personal belongings, material, they are in some bodies home. >> reporter: folks may be sad to see their homes gone by looking ahead to see the ground
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cleared and a chance to begin anew. joe vazquez says san bruno needed a day like this. >> like a high school reunion, elementary school reunion, neighbourhood reunion. yes, everybody needed one of these days. >> reporter: vazquez tells us san bruno has always been a tight knit community. >> you are right it is good to see these people smiling. thank you very much. absolutely. well, south bay family has released video of what they say is a fake arrest by a san jose police officer. cell phone video was secretly shot by the father of a 15-year- old boy it appears to show the officer pretending to arrest the boy for having sex with his step daughter he was handcuffed the officer lectured the teen about his behaviour. >> not a good thing a cops daughter is not someone you
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mess around with. >> the handcuffs came off and the boy was never arrested. the officer's actions are being criminally investigated. the officer's lawyer says he was just trying to scare the boy straight. >> checking headlines around the bay area, another accident at a dangerous san francisco intersection this was the scene at battery and broadway police say the driver of this white suv was drivinger ratically and hit another suv and then ran away on foot. police suspect alcohol may have played a role. last month a tour bus was involved in an accident at the very same intersection. fire investigators trying to figure out what sparked a three alarm fire in san jose this morning. it destroyed this victorian home on new port avenue. six people were inside when the fire started they are all okay, the fire apparently started in a shed and spread to the house. no word yet on what caused it. sports teams at cal could
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be on the chopping block next week, they will announce changes the athletic department will make to stay within its budget. the department has been as much as $13 million over budget in recent years. athletic director says football, basketball, women's volleyball are safe. taking sides in the battle over same-sex marriage. heavy weights now throwing their support behind prop 8. >> people shouldn't do this, because it just hurts the planet okay. this shouldn't be found in the water. >> how volunteers of all ages cleaned up the coastline, one piece of trash at a time. >> i am meteorologist, lawrence, in the weather center, we have heat around the bay area, it could get hotter. we will talk about that coming up ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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they've filed a brief opposing ten states are taking sides in the battle over same-sex marriage in california. they filed a brief opposing gay marriage, they say states, not courts, should get the final
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say and the constitution does not require marriage to include same sex couples. last month a federal judge ruled prop 8 is unconstitutional the case is currently being appealed among the states that joined the brief, against gay marriage, florida, indiana, michigan, utah. global warming is an important issue but they are divided on a ballot measure that would suspend the green house emissions law. according to a los angeles times poll. only 40 or the those surveyed favour pop 23, 22% have no opinion. >> there is no question the bay area has a beautiful coastline but it doesn't always get treated well. how thousands of volunteers spent today, sprucing it up. >> that's why we are out here today, get this trash before it is out of our control. >> people showed up all over the bay area to help out with coastal clean up day. >> we found one hair brush, a
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chapstick,. >> they didn't have any trouble finding what they were looking for. >> a planter, a pencil, and a dolls eyeball. >> reporter: thousands of people are out here to try and clean up the bay but the honest truth is that any garbage that reaches the bay, there is not much you can do about it, no practical way to clean it up. the trick is catch this trash before it gets into open water. that is why volunteers focused on places like the creek in south san francisco its foilage acts as a natural filter, catching and concentrating trash. >> areas well protected but some areas are neglected this is one of those places we go. we want to help out. >> reporter: the effort has grown dramatically. and organizers are hopeful being green is about real social change and not just a passing fad. >> people are starting to realize that polluting actually creates an economic cost for them. it is degrading our environment and that costs us money,.
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>> the fact that it is popular is really going to help out i hope that it stays popular. >> reporter: clearly the education effort has a ways to go. the parent who launched this childs letter to santa in a plastic bottle probably didn't mean any harm but. >> people shouldn't do this because it hurts the planet okay. this shouldn't be found in the water. >> reporter: the volunteers say they do feel they are making a difference but organizers stress this is just the beginning. >> this is a great start people come out here and see how much trash is actually getting into the bay where it effects fish and wildlife and then we need everybody to go home and work on making sure cities stop this trash from getting into the bay. >> in south san francisco, john ramos, cbs 5. the octo mom is putting it all out there. bizarre items up for grabs right in her front yard. >> how about those hot temperatures around the bay area today. they will likely continue when will it come to an end. coming up ,,,,,,,,,,
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you could not ask for better weather for today estragon boat races on the san francisco bay, 80 teams from u.s. and canada will compete in the 2 day event each team paddles out, this is the last dragon boat race of the season which is why teams are giving it their all. >> competition is really fierce. we are actually largest competitive dragon boat race in the u.s. and this is why we are
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getting a lot of people from out of town they want to come here to have some really good racing in addition to having fun on the water. yeah, some fierce racing. >> it is so cool to watch. tomorrow's races start at 10:00 a.m. great weather again tomorrow according to lawrence, right? >> that would be a day where i would be jumping in the water. >> would you? >> yeah, tomorrow, yeah, what a day. today kind of a taste of things to come folks, high pressure in control offshore winds kicking in a gorgeous day, here it is fall and acting like it now. looks like it will stick around. out at the beach, folks enjoying some nice temperatures right out toward the coastline no fog there but a little fog sitting off the coastline that may pay a little visit later on as we head in toward tomorrow morning in the meantime beautiful weather all around the bay area, well, folks we have been enduring a pretty cold summer we are enjoying in right now, lots of sunshine,
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temperatures, stick around for a few days, stepping outside this evening, you will find clear skies just about everywhere you go temperatures running well 07s and 8 -- 70s and 80s, well into evening houring. bright inside the bay 70s, 80s. mostly clear skies. tomorrow again lots of sunshine hot in spots moving well into the 90s inland. inside the bay, upper 80s. low 90s. sunny and hot up toward the coastline, looking at 70s. patchy fog lingering off the coast a couple patches out there. not much. a lot of sunshine coming your way. how about temperatures around the bay area. we haven't seen numbers like this, 97 liver more, 99 santa rosa, record at oakland internash tall airport, 94, -- international airport, 94, no matter how you look at it just beautiful weather out there if you are headed out there right now a lot of 80s and 90s around the bay area, feeling good as this ridge continues to sit
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overhead bringing us nice sunshine. out in toward central valley, hotter in high country in spots. this ridge may weaken a little bit tomorrow cold front off the coastline and that may weaken enough to allow clouds flicker along the coastline otherwise sunny and hot many spots inland again to matter how you slice it temperatures on the hot side. low, interesting, offshore wind in effect boy, getting around parts of the bay area, 50s and 60s. cold temperatures on the mountains, up in the 70s. start out warm and hot in spots tomorrow 96 morgan hill, 92 san jose, milpitas, east bay temperatures running into the 90s. 98 brent wood, 96 walnut creek and 96 concord to the north bay, temperatures running up into the 80s and 90s and overlooking the next couple days we are going to crank up the heat, probably on monday, that will be the peak of the heat wave, strengthen somewhat and then by tuesday we will
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start to watch temperatures come down along the coastline probably a little bit inside the bay everyone cools down toward the weekend. lots of sunshine fall here and summer heat. >> isn't that crazy. >> yeah. >> all right thank you. >> your notorious celebrity fix. actress lyndsey lohan a free woman out on $300,000 bail after spending less than 24 hours behind bars for failing a drug test. the judge sent hearth jail yesterday for violating probation. lohan is required to wear an ankle monitoring bracelet and stay away from clubbars. octo mom, she has fallen on tough times, nadia suleman held a yard sale. the sofa she was sitting on when she found out she was pregnant was up for sale. a sonogram and as you can see there she was signing bikinis. at one point the mom of 14 had
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a reality tv deal but that appears to have fizzled. >> because i have been reluctant to do anything in regards to anything so i am trying to work on writing on my own a book so i am working really really really hard to make a living for my kids without exploiting them. >> the goal today, to raise $10,000 which suleman said will be enough to keep the bank at bay. two top teams go down was one top ranked alabama. next in sports ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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bu have changed... stanford used to be an automatic win on notre dame's schedule but how times have changed. they ranked 16th and favoured against the fighting irish. looking for his first win since 1992 did not get off to a good start. baldwin can't handle the pot. they would recover but irish wouldn't have the lead long. andrew leads the cardinal down the field. hooks up with the tight end 7-3 stanford still in the first linebacker shane gets free. chase thomas falls on it and turn over sets audio tape one of four field goals, stanford led 16-6 at the half. >> 19-6 in the 4th. flip into the end zone, 2 point
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conversion to take a 27-6 lead. into the end zone again defensive player played both ways, linebacker makes a pitch, take it to the house and stanford turns it into a route feeding notre dame 37-13. 4 and 0 for the first time since 1986. texas taking on ucla and bruins do more than mess with texas wracking up over 250-yards in the ground against the nations number one run defense. puts the finishing touches on the biggest upset of the day. ucla goes into austin, blows out texas, 34-12. >> pure passion nothing but a sea of red for arkansas, alabama, razorbacks, 20-7 could not hold a third period lead. crimson tide look at the game. runs for 157-yards, survives
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winning 24-20. >> just two weeks after under going an appendectomy, back in the lead off. the big single for the padres down the left field, keeps it going, the ball rolls and rolls chase utley scores from third. 11th walk-off win of the season. giants need to win tonight, to stay a half game ahead of the padres, they have half game lead in the wild card race. rangers one win away from clenching the al west. as down 3-1 in the 7th. pennington ties it up with one swing of the bat. rangers would get it back, taking the lead in the 8th. take woods deep. that would be the difference rangers win 4-3 headed to the post season for the first time in 11 years third round of tour championship began the day tied for the lead now he has it all
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to himself approach on 14 sets a tap in for birdie and on 15 he would drain another birdie put to take a 1 shot lead. tomorrow's winner will likely take home the fedex cup and $10 million that goes with it. >> danika patrick racing with the boys of nascar again. 35th place finish after she lost control and drove into the wall. danika won't get to top the top 20 nationwide races. bush takes the checkered flag 11th win of the year. bruce came off raiders first win of the season last week against the rams this week, hugh jackson wants to see the energy, and offence when they take on the cardinals. >> i think at half time i have a little eruption because there is something i wanted done, that wasn't getting done i think in the second half they have seen we were a different
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football team. >> i put an extra premium on that position, okay. because it is what this thing is all about the quarterback goes, offensive team is going to go which means our offensive team has a chance to be successful. >> see raiders and cardinals here on cbs 5 stay tuned after the game for highlights and reaction on the fifth quarter. >> thanks again. all right well, tonight on eyewitness news at 6:30. looking for a job, you may be in luck. the company hiring tens of thousands of people right now. all right that is it for eyewitness news at 5:30. see you back here in half an hour. until then find news updates on director: discrep: reason: ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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